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Star Trek jokes ๐Ÿ–– in 2023

Why did the Enterprise have to go to the garage for repair?
– It needed new Spock plugs!

Q: What do you call it when Kira is late?
– A: A major delay.

I got some new Star Trek garden insecticide
– It’s called Leonard Neem Oil

Q: Why did the Borg cross the road?
– A: Because it assimilated the chicken!

Why did the trekkie spit out her latte at the Star Trek Convention?
-Cause William Shatner Coffee.

Why did the Borg cross the road?
– Because it assimilated the chicken!

I accidentally went to my first Star Trek convention dressed as Chewbacca.
– Wookie mistake.

For Star Trek Dads
– Everybody knows that Vulcans have pointy ears, but did you know that Vulcans have THREE ears?
– They have a left ear, a right ear, and a FINAL FRONT EAR!

Q: Why can’t Klingon kids play in sandboxes?
– A: Cats keep trying to cover them up

How do you stop yourself from falling out of a Bird of Prey?
– You have to Klingon!

Q: What did O’Brien say when Keiko kept fussing over their daughter?
– A: “Stop Molly-coddling her.”

It always amuses me to think what must have happened in Star Trek over the next three hundred years for a Frenchman like Picard to have an English accent…
– And not an Arabic one.

After watching the new Star Trek movie in 3D
– I took my 3D glasses off and said in a loud voice, “Oh my gawd.
– I still see 3D.” Another viewer told he appreciated the joke.

Q: What did the first officer answer when Picard asked “Why did you let Troi win at poker?”
– A: “Because I Riker.”

What did the first officer say when Captain Picard asked him why he let Troi win at poker?
– Because I Riker!

Q: Why was Verad unfit for joining?
– A: He was a bad host.

If I have a son I will name him Data, after Mr.Data from Star Trek.
– If itโ€™s a girl, weโ€™ll pronounce it Data

Q: What did Spock find in Kirk’s toliet?
– A: The Captain’s Log

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