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Zebra jokes 🦓 in 2024

What does a zebra look like?
– A horse behind bars.

What do you call a singing group with a zebra, a hippo, a goat, a meerkat, and a giraffe?
– Zoo Kids On The Block!

For my cake day, I’d like to tell you that I eat zebras…
– but then I’d be lion

Why wouldn’t you ask the zebra for music advice?
– Because he only knows about The White Stripes.

A young zebra escapes from the zoo and meets a stallion in a nearby valley
– The stallion was fascinated and asked the zebra “where do you come from and what do you do?” the zebra replied “I come from Africa and I just chill with my friends on the plain”
Then the zebra asked the stallion “what are you and what do you do?” and the stallion replied “I’m a stallion, get your pyjamas off and i’ll show you”

Why is it so difficult to sell a toy zebra?
– You can never find the barcode.

What do you call a horse wearing Venetian blinds?
– A zebra!

– and his minister of health were sitting in a restaurant and laughing out loud. A guest comes by and asks: “Why are you laughing that hard?”
The PM replies: “We are planning the next lockdown!”
Guest: “And that’s so funny?”
PM: “Yes…”
Guest: “What are you planning to do?”
PM: “We will lock up a zebra and 8 million people!”
Guest: “Why would you lock up a zebra!?”
Minister of health: “… this is what I’ve meant, -nobody cares about the 8 million people!”

Bras come in sizes A, B, C, etc. So what’s the biggest bra?
– The Zebra.

What happens when you put a zebra in a lion cage?
– You get fired from the zoo

A zebra is the safest place to cross the road.
– Unless you are actually a zebra.

Why do all zebras wear glasses?
– Cause they can’t ze-brah.

The Lion
– There’s a zebra, a warthog and an impala and they drinking at the water hole when a pride of lions appears out of the bushes and surrounds them.

A zebra dies and goes to heaven
– The zebra meets God and asks him the one true question that he’s been wondering his whole life.

“God, am I a white zebra with black stripes, or a black zebra with white stripes?”

God responds, “You are who you are.”

It was then that the zebra knew he was white with black stripes. If he was black with white stripes, God would have told him, “You is who you is.”

Why does the zebra bring toilet paper to the party?
– Because he is a party pooper.

What is black, white, and calm all over?
– A zenbra.

Why do all Zebras wear glasses?
Cause they can’t Ze-Brah

What is black, white & eats like a horse?
– A Zebra 🙂

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