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Coworker jokes 👨‍💼👩‍💼 in 2024

“Why did the boss give the employee a plant? Because he was rooting for him.”

“Why did the coworker bring a boat paddle to work? He was up the creek without it.”

“What did one printer say to the other at the office? ‘You’ve really made an impression on me.'”

“Why did the coworker bring a horse to work? He wanted to stirrup some trouble.”

“Why did the office lunch go to therapy? It couldn’t handle being boxed up all day.”

“Why don’t employees play football? Too much running back and forth.”

“Why don’t most office workers play chess? Too many pawns and not enough kings.”

“Why did the boss bring a mirror to work? He was reflecting on his decisions.”

“Why did the office chair get promoted? It always had its back.”

“Why don’t secretaries ever play hide and seek with their bosses? Because good luck hiding when the phone rings.”

“Why don’t staplers make good coworkers? They always feel pressured.”

“Why did the developer go broke? He kept encountering too many bugs.”

“Why did the engineer always have a pencil behind his ear? He thought it made him look sharp.”

“Why did the email go to jail? It was found guilty of spam.”

“Why did the employee bring a ladder to work? He’s trying to get to the top of the company.”

“Why did the keyboard go to the bar? It needed a few shots to loosen up.”

“Why is the office cat the best worker? She’s great at catching mice.”

“Why did the project manager bring a stopwatch to work? He was pressed for time.”

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