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Art Jokes 🖼️ in 2022

When I’m older and can afford it, I want to commission an artist to make a bust of me
-But that’s getting a head of myself.

Where does a cow hang his paintings?
-In a mooooseum.

Doctors are pretty good artists.
-They are great at drawing blood.

What do artists say when they greet each other?

I was attacked by a group of mime artists.
-They did unspeakable things to me.

My parents were both artists
-I call them MoMA and Dada

Why do most painters like to stick to their old art styles?
-Because old habits dye hard.

I was voted most artistic in Highschool
– I was also voted most dyslexic

My favorite high stakes parkour artist hasn’t posted in months.
-Not only is it a cliffhanger its most likely a cliff faller.

Why should you never trust an artist?
– They always seem to be a bit sketchy.

Me: Being a great artist is all about finding the right medium.
-The 5th psychic I’ve been to today: judging by your work here, I see disappointment in your future.

Did you hear about the one man band on the New York subway?
-Probably not, he’s an underground artist

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