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Art Jokes 🖼️ in 2022

When I’m older and can afford it, I want to commission an artist to make a bust of me
-But that’s getting a head of myself.

I told the artist that his painting was terrible.
-I think he got the picture.

Where does a cow hang his paintings?
-In a mooooseum.

Why did the artist frequently visit the bathroom?
-Because when you gotta Gogh, you gotta Gogh.

What do you call an artist who gives off bad vibes?

What did the martial artist say when I asked if could have all his cookies?
-He said not all of them, but I could tae kwon do.

Music artists need stop attacking people for no reason
-They producing the wrong hits.

What type of artist likes to draw flies?
-A dead artist.

Why shouldn’t you ever date an artist?
-I don’t know, they just seem kind of sketchy.

Why did Germany provide aid to artists hit by coronavirus?
-They know what happen when painter suffer setbacks.

I photograph my pimples.
-Is zit art?

Why did the painter get fired from his job?
-Because he lacked luster.

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