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Ice cream jokes 🍦 in 2023

Why does everyone invite ice cream to the party?
– It’s cool.

How do astronauts like to eat their ice cream?
– Floats.

How is ice cream as a boyfriend?
– The sweetest.

What does the ice cream call her girlfriend?
– Her one and cone-ly.

How many flavors of ice-cream are there?
– As many as you can cream of!

Why does the ice cream man go so slow?
– Because he’s a sundae driver!

Someone broke into our shop and stole all 31 flavors of ice cream
– It was a Baskin-Robbery.

What does an ice cream lawyer say?
– You got served!

Who’s the most famous ice-cream football team?
– Icelona FC!

How do ice-cream flavors get promoted?
– By selling out!

Knock, knock!
– Who’s there?
– Ben and Anna..
– Ben and Anna who?
– Ben and Anna split with a cherry on top!

Why did the ice cream truck break down?
– Because of the Rocky Road.

What do you say to ice creams when they get engaged?
– Cone-gratulations!

Why do ice-creams make great writers?
– They’ve always got the inside scoop!

Why are popsicles so snobby?
– They have a stick up their butt.

How does Dairy Queen train its employees?
– It sends them to sundae school!

Why did the ice cream truck break down?
– Because it was driving down a Rocky Road.

Why are pigs the worst to share ice-cream with?
– They’re always hoggin’ daaz ice-cream!

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