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Ice cream jokes 🍦 in 2022

What’s an electrician’s favorite ice cream flavor?
– Shock a lot.

What did the Texan say every time he ordered apple pie at a restaurant?
– Remember the à la mode!

What do you call an ice cream cone with a surprise flavour in the bottom?
– A twist cone.

Why did no one want to be friends with the popsicle?
– He was a little frosty!

Why was the choc-dipped cone so popular with the ladies?
– He was rich, mysterious, and a hard one to crack!

What is ice cream’s favorite TV show?
– Game of Cones.

What do you call an anthropomorphic animal blended in ice cream?
– A McFurry.

Where do you learn to make ice cream?
– Sundae School.

Which ice-cream flavor is always on the move?
– Man-go!

Why does everyone invite ice cream to the party?
– It’s cool.

How do astronauts like to eat their ice cream?
– Floats.

How is ice cream as a boyfriend?
– The sweetest.

What does the ice cream call her girlfriend?
– Her one and cone-ly.

How many flavors of ice-cream are there?
– As many as you can cream of!

Why does the ice cream man go so slow?
– Because he’s a sundae driver!

Someone broke into our shop and stole all 31 flavors of ice cream
– It was a Baskin-Robbery.

What does an ice cream lawyer say?
– You got served!

Who’s the most famous ice-cream football team?
– Icelona FC!

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