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Wooden jokes 🌳🪓 in 2024

How was the tree doing?
– He was doing just oak-ey.

I bought a wooden whistle. But it wooden whistle. so I bought a steel whistle. But it steel wooden whistle. So I bought a lead whistle. But it steel wooden lead me whistle.
– Help??

Went to the seaside and didn’t want to go with my friends on this long wooden platform…
– But in the end I bowed to pier pressure.

The others are busy with making furniture.

What did the woodcutter say to the tree?
– “May I axe you something?”

What types of jokes do woodpeckers make?
– Knock knock.

Some monks came down to a small village in need of carpentry. They offered to replace all the wooden pillars and support beams in all the buildings by themselves. When the villagers asked why they were being so generous, the head monk simply replied
– “Isn’t it obvious? We’re reposting for karma.”

I cut it twice and it’s still too short.

The most productive shops I’ve seen are usually messy.

Why was the police tree fired?
– She could not reach the roots of many cases.

What did the forest ask the tree?
– “Wood you like some water?”

The elephantine Russian emperor held an open air market for strange wooden dowels.
– It was Tsar Babar’s bizarre bar bazaar.

some of the finest furniture ever made was veneered.

How much knowledge does a new bush have about woods?
– Very whittle.

I just got a wooden motorcycle. It has a wooden frame, wooden handle bars, wooden wheels, and a wooden seat. Guess what?
– It wooden start.

Tesla briefly investigated reusable bio engines made from plants. Wooden car body, wooden wheels and a wooden engine.
– It wooden go.

You can never have enough clamps.

What would a tree have done if they saw woodcutters coming to the forest?
– They would have re-tree-ted.

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