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Pie jokes 🥧 in 2023

What do you call a street full of pies?
– A desserted street.

What did the scientist use for his pie experiment?
– A peach-tree dish.

What’s the best thing to put into a pie?
– Your teeth!

What is an Australian ghost’s favorite pie?
– Boo meringue.

What was the scarecrow’s contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner pot-luck?
– A Straw-berry pie.

What did the pie yell when it heard a knock at the bathroom cubicle?
– Occu-pied!

How do you pay your math teacher?
– With pi.

What did the cherry say to the cherry pie?
– “You’ve got some crust.”

What did you call a pie with a short temper?
– A crab apple pie.

What does Kane not like for dessert?
– Earl Abel Pie.

What is a flock of sheep standing in a circle called?
– A shepherd’s pi.

Why were the pirates happy when they washed up on shore and saw cakes, pies, and ice cream?
– It was a desserted island.

How was the Thanksgiving sweet potato pie?
– Absolutely yamtastic!

What can a full pie do that half a pie can’t?
– Look round.

A pie walks into a bar…
– The barman says, “Sorry, we don’t serve dessert.”

The local pie shop almost never closes. It’s 22/7.

If five kids can eat ten apple pies in an hour, how many pies can two kids eat?
– Zero since the five kids ate all the pies.

Who saved the town from the Pie Attack?
– The Pie’d Piper of Hamlin.

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