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Pie jokes 🥧 in 2022

What did the banshee get for Halloween dessert?
– Boo-berry pie and I-scream!

Did you hear of the man who robbed a pie shop?
– He was put into custardy.

What will a pie chart on procrastination look like?
– I’m still planning to make it.

How do you make pumpkin pie?
– Take the circumference of the pumpkin and divide it by the diameter of the pumpkin.

Why did the cherry pie and apple pie break up?
– They were having crust issues.

Did you hear of the pastries that used to terrorize the West Indies?
– They are the Pie-rates of the Caribbean.

A mathematician’s favorite dessert is?
– A Pi.

What do you call a fantasy adventure movie about baked goods and a Bengal tiger?
– Life of Pie.

Where do you go to weigh a pie?
– Somewhere over the rainbow.

What is the most important thing to put in a slice of cherry pie?
– Your teeth!

What do you call a baker who invented a new way to bake a pie?
– A pie-oneer.

Why couldn’t the math teacher ration his pie stock?
– Because “Pi is irrational”.

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