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Orange you glad jokes 🍊 in 2022

Why did the orange’s song receive a negative review?
– Because the song wasn’t orange-inal.

What did the doctor prescribe to the orange who couldn’t keep his emotions in check?
– Tangor Management.

Orange you glad you met me?

What happened when an orange, an apple, and a banana all went on a picnic together?
– They had a “fruit-ful” day.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Lena who?
Lena a little closer, and I’ll tell you another joke!

What do you call a punctual orange who is always on time everywhere?
– A clockwork orange.

Why couldn’t the orange dance at the talent show when his partner didn’t show up?
– Because it takes two to tang-o.

Why did the orange fall out of the tree?
– It went out on a limb.

What do oranges like to listen to?
– Musical com-peel-ations.

Why did the orange get dressed to go to the gala party?
– Because it found it a-peel-ing.

Why did the orange say no when her parents came to her with a marriage proposal?
– Because she was against orange-d marriages.

Bitter late than never.

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