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Car Jokes ๐Ÿš— in 2021

What is the leading cause of car crashes?

Did you know Teslas don’t have that new car smell?
-They have more of an Elon Musk.

What is Herculesโ€™ least favorite car?
– Mers-Hades

Tha Apple car will be the first car that will slow down when they release a new model.
-They said this is a joke.. I’m not sure..

What happens after you have a beautiful gf, a million dollar car, 100 million in your bank account, several houses and a fit body?
-You wake up.

What do you take care of after a car crash?
– The witnesses

Today I saw a car parked with a bumper sticker that said “I miss New york”
-So I smashed his window in and stole his radio.

What is the most edible part of a car?
-The passenger.

A known and loved goverment official is going car to car
-The whole of congress has been captured and terrorists are threatening to douse them in gasoline and burn them if we don’t fork over $10,000,000,000

The man hands him a 10 and asks how much people donate on average.

Roughly a gallon was his reply.

What do most 50-year-old men put inside there cars

What kind of car does an electrician drive?
-A volts-wagen

What did Batman say to robin before he got in the car?
– Robin, Get in the car!

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