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Car Jokes 🚗 in 2022

Where do pickles go to buy a car?
-The dillership!

Thought this up while driving behind a car with a Star Wars Rebel sticker on it.
-What is the favorite type of weather of Stormtroopers?


Just a quick note to my American cousins. Voting is like driving a car….
– ‘D’ to go forward.

‘R’ to go reverse.

100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rick had cars. Today everyone own cars and only the rich own horses.
– The stables have turned.

Before Elon Musk got into electric cars…
-… he was plain old Lon Musk

Today I saw a car parked with a bumper sticker that said “I miss New york”
-So I smashed his window in and stole his radio.

My sister argued with me that you can’t make a car out of spaghetti,
– you should have seen her face when I drove pasta

Which car does a terrorist choose to plant a car bomb?
-A Citroën C4.

I was in a taxi, then driver said “I love my job, I own the car, I am my own boss, nobody tells me what to do. ”
-Then I told him to turn right

Given that a radiator is essentially a vital organ to a car, it’s strange that the town in the movie “Cars” is called “Radiator Springs”.
-It would be like if we called a city “Liver Pool”.

Just tried to de-snow my car with a loyalty card
– I only managed to get 10% off

Why did i walk across the road?
-to get hit by a car

My dad said while reversing the car:
-“Ah, this takes me back”

A guy takes his car in to the mechanic after it mysteriously stops working
-The mechanic opens up the hood, to find a small fruit bat hanging upside-down in the engine bay. The bat looks up at the mechanic and says “you look nice today mate!”, Immediately the mechanic straightens up and says to the car owner “well, that’s your problem right there!

Bat flattery”

What’s a Trump Supporter’s favorite car?
-A Mini Couper.

What kind of cars do people in Norway drive?
– Fjords

What’s the last thing that goes through a bumblebee’s mind as it hits the car windscreen at 60mph?
– Its bum

What do you call a Mexican who lost his car?
-What do you call a Mexican who lost his car?

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