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Car Jokes 🚗 in 2022

I was doing friendly finger pistols to a neighbor the other day on my way to the car.
-I was later charged for assault with a handgun.

What do you tell a hacker after a bad breakup?
-There are plenty of phish in the sea!

A boy and his mother survived a car crash. The boy asks his mother “Was that like how I was born? A hard smash?”
-The mother replies with “More like an accident.

me: will this car fit 5 people?
-**salesman:** yeah, without any problems.

**me:** damn! my homies have lots of those

A man has been stealing wheels of police cars
-Police are working tirelessly to catch him

Note: saw it on 9gag but I had to share it because I literally was laughing out loud

Bought a new car and showed it to my mum.
– I said, “have a look at my karma”

How does a turkey drive a car?
-He wings it.

What is the leading cause of car crashes?

Did you know Teslas don’t have that new car smell?
-They have more of an Elon Musk.

What is Hercules’ least favorite car?
– Mers-Hades

Tha Apple car will be the first car that will slow down when they release a new model.
-They said this is a joke.. I’m not sure..

What happens after you have a beautiful gf, a million dollar car, 100 million in your bank account, several houses and a fit body?
-You wake up.

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