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Physics Jokes 🌀 in 2022

What is a nuclear physicist’s favorite meal?
– Fission Chips.

What’s the only thing weirder than physics
-A physicist

Am i gravity?
– Bc im letting everyone down.

An electron and a positron go into a bar.
-Positron: “You’re round.”
Electron: “Are you sure?”
Positron: “I’m positive.”

What would you call a clown in jail?
-Silicon (Silly Con)

My physics professor took an entire class to lecture us about Cole’s law
-Turns out, it’s just thinly sliced cabbage

What did the duck say to the physicist?
-Quark, quark, quark!

Gravity is the most important topic of physics.
– If you remove it, you only have gravy.

What’s the matter?
– Solid, liquid, gas

What a physicist hears when he watches “Star Wars”:
-May the mass times acceleration be with you!

As I was leaving physics class, a classmate walked up to me and called me a nerd.
– What an acceleration’.

What did Donald Duck say in his graduate physics class?
-Quark, quark, quark!

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