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Physics Jokes 🌀 in 2024

What’s the only thing weirder than physics
-A physicist

Why is it best to teach physics on the edge of a cliff?
– Because that’s where students have the most potential.

Am i gravity?
– Bc im letting everyone down.

Why did Erwin Schrödinger, Paul Dirac and Wolfgang Pauli work in very small garages?
– Because they were quantum mechanics.

What does a mathematician do about constipation?
-He works it out with a pencil.

I keep asking my physics teacher “what is the unit for power?”
-But he just keeps responding with “yes.”

What did one uranium-238 nucleus say to the other?
– Gotta split!

Physics Joke
– A bunch of neutrinos walk through a bar

Einstein developed a theory about space.
– It was about time too.

A man was recently cooled to absolute zero-
– but he’s 0K now.

I will name my son Physics.
– So that I will be called Father of Physics

What do physicists call a benzene ring with iron atoms replacing the carbon atoms?
-A ferrous wheel.

What is a physicist’s favourite food?

-Fission chips

What do you call an Atom when it dies?
– A Diatom.

They’re serving mystery meat at the cafeteria in the physics lab again.
-I’ve been asking what the main ingredient they put in their heisenburgers was, and nobody knows.

Two cats of the same size slide down a roof at the same time, but one falls off first. Which one?
-The one with the smaller “mew.”

Did you hear about that new physics institute?
-It’s so big, there is a dedicated infrared-light district!

You Matter!
-nless you multiply yourself by the speed of light…… then you energy

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