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Piano jokes 🎹 in 2023

Everybody told me this ‘girl on the piano’ thing was never going to work. – – Tori Amos

The little girl was crying about not getting a gold piano for her sixth birthday.
– So, her father talked to her mother about getting her a gift that would help them strike a chord with her.

My piano teacher loved magic tricks. Before every lesson, he would say, “pick any chord”.

What do you use to tie saplings to a piano so the saplings won’t blow away?
– Root position cords.

How about the one about the kid banging his head on the keys?

– He was playing by ear.

The piano player was getting irritated because his son was not good at playing the piano.
– “How are you playing this badly? I can’t Handel it,” he muttered.

A young man was reprimanded for not hitting the right notes during his performance. Due to the gravity of his mistakes, he was forced to deal with choir consequences.

What do you get if you enroll in a liberal arts program and the only subject you do well in is music?
– A natural major

Beethoven was still taking a lot of musical notes even when he was dead.
– He was decomposing.

The piano accidentally fell down the stairs and hurt his foot.
– For the next 30 minutes, he just tried to rubato.

What did a piano player say to a tightrope walker?
– You better C sharp or you’ll B flat!

“The piano has been drinking, not me”. – Tom Waits

The music composer was a notorious thief who regularly stole other people’s compositions.
– He made sure to never leave a note.

I accidentally messed up at my piano recital. It turns out it was A minor mistake.

What type of music are balloons scared of?
– Pop music!

My friend’s piano broke down last week. Now it just likes to stay low key.

You should never tell a piano too many of your secrets.
– If you tell them too much, they become really Mendlesohm.

Even after buying ten different pairs of choir garments, the woman felt no choir’s remorse.

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