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Superhero Jokes 🦸 in 2022

What do heroes like Spiderman and Ant-Man have in common?
– They bug the villains!

What did Iron Man say to Ant-man?
– He said, “stop bugging me”.

Why did they ban Hulk from the Honda dealership?
– Because he threw a Fit.

What does Superman like to drink the most?
– Fruit punch!

What does Superman use after a shower to dry off?
– A Tow-El.

How do superheroes prepare their dinner?
– They save the food first!

Why do superheroes always get the bad guys?
– Because they’re so cape-able!

Where’s Spider-Man’s home page?
– It’s on the web.

What is the most efficient way of counting all the X-men?
– Per-mutations.

What does Superman use to eat his cereal?
– A Superbowl

Why did Batman’s sidekick, Robin, get locked up?
– Because the policeman overheard someone saying, “look, he’s robbin’!”

Why does Superman fear the dark?
– Because it’s his krypto-nite!

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